Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring "Preening"....


"I'll take "Dark-eyed Juncos" for 600, Alex..."

Ah, the joy of observing Nature. Sadly, there must be many who only glance but do not see...those that look, but don't 'connect'...and those that never even see anything in the first place.

Here's a two-word prayer for you: "Mitakuye Oyasin". It's Lakota for "All my relations." The 'all' means ALL. No one person or thing is not connected to another. We Are One. And it gets no more simple than that, which for many is also extremely complicated given how they choose to view the world.

The big influx of spring birds is not yet here, not yet. I don't bother to pick the camera up so quickly as I have pictures I like from the current set of feeders.

However, the Mourning Doves have been of note with the stirrings of their romantic mating nature (rubbing necks, etc.) - while I didn't catch that on 'film', there was this dove sitting and preening and fluffing a few days ago and, well, at peace being itself.

Too, it's not all the time you get to view it all from the south-bound end of a north-bound dove. I just liked turning the brain off and watch this Winged One go through all of it's motions. As I've noted before, their very nature is one of calm. Can't have too much of that in life, eh?....

Enjoy looking and musing...and may each of us take the time to do our own preening today. I realize humans are incredibly wonderful in every way, but so too is all of life...the perfection of the feathers and how they grow and layer, the coloring and patterning that is just perfect in its own right...the protective eyelid that shuts as the dove goes under the wing...the fluffing that gives extra warming air space which is what insulation is all about...

(click pics to enlarge, as always)

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