Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How do I spell "relief"?....

I had a "Sunday Salon" performance far up into northern Ashe County this past weekend, my third year doing this. Shall I say that 3.5 days totally outside the pull of cell phone and internet was both refreshing and confounding...You worry about what all you missed, yet you let Life roll on without modern trappings, as well it should. Overall it was a welcome void, no doubt.

There were phone landlines for any emergencies at the main house, but
no in-room TV. No internet. No cell service (for Verizon). Just good friends, conversation, and great food/libations. The grande dame Gayle, who just turned 80, is THE most incredible NON-80 year old you'll ever meet. Up and down the stairs like a gazelle, full of artistic dreams per the property which, come hell or highwater, will resist the tides of profit-greed interests from Florida (her words)...Gayle is a rare stalwart, that one.

The "River House" property was an old working farm along the north fork of the New River just below the Virginia border, now converted into quaint rooms and mini cottages as a B&B. With over 200 acres of property, she knew the value in seeing it preserved and developed only in a very limited way with lots of restrictions (including voluntary covenants to a local land conservancy). She was courted by several developers that tried hard to get her to 'see' the gold mine she had, and tried to show her the huge sums of money she could make if she subdivided into one-acre homesites, mainly for Floridian summer homes. If there is one thing Gayle shuns it's that type of total disrespect for natural beauty and resources.

Live with the land, not on it. Wise words.

I missed the peak color, now gone by at least a full week...yet I had the opportunity to let Molly and Mercy romp without leashes, and they had a BLAST!!!! Oh, there is quite the contentious show-off when food is involved or sleeping arrangements on the bed (Mercy wins, Molly gets the crate as long as she fits in it)...otherwise, they are melding as they should, and as I expected.

The weather Sunday was sunny and gorgeous, and as luck would have it, now that I'm back to get some work done...more rain is on the doorstep. *sigh* So while I don't have pictures of fall leaves and vistas, and don't pictures of my show (which would be nothing to look at, I assure you!), I DO have pictures of the pups at play. The lessons we could all learn from 'em...

Hard to believe this is the last week of October...fly, time, fly! Have a terrific Tuesday!

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Bill C. said...

God bless Gayle and her not-for-profit wisdom!! Money can get spent all to quickly, but land and scenery will last many lifetimes. Great story.