Monday, October 19, 2009

A new one on me....

On any given show weekend, I usually get pictures of my booth display which I change around, so I can compare set-ups and continue to tweak it. This past weekend began with the coldest and wettest outdoor show-day I've been involved with, where the high hit 49 and held, with heavy rains the night before that flooded the entrance to some of the vendor's tents. Suffice it to say the camera stayed in the car.

That night a cold front roared through, dropping several inches of snow in part of the NC mountains, and bringing strong winds that damaged some of the vendor's tents, including knocking over a pottery display and leaving it in pieces. It was not a user-friendly weekend, but as always I met some wonderful new friends and got to say hi again to many older ones, being in a former hometown of mine.

On Sunday, a long-bearded gentleman in overalls passed by and we were jovially chatting to get our minds off the windy chill, and he said something to the effect that, "People are always callin' us hillbillies and rednecks, but we want that to go away - we're Appalachian-Americans!"

Cute - had not heard that one before. I think we can all relate to political correctness...working in television, I certainly am constantly deciding what is proper to say and what is simply going too far just to pacify the squeaky PC wheels out there. And there is no shortage of that schlock.

So, with no pics and nothing really to write about this morning, I figured I'd snoop around and find some humorous PC phrases that you might want to sprinkle in your conversations...unless, of course, you're too lazy, er, uh, I mean "activity deficient"....

Hillbilly/Redneck - Appalachian-American

Unemployed - Involuntarily leisured

Thirsty - Osmotically challenged

Stained - Creatively re-dyed

Slum - Economic oppression zone

Tone-deaf - Musically delayed

Loser - Uniquely fortuned

Fat - Person of substance

Worst - Least best

Vagrant - Nonspecifically destinationed individual

Prisoner - Correctional system client

Incompetent - Uniquely proficient

Dishonest - Ethically disoriented

Dead - Living impaired

Body odor - Nondiscretionary fragrance

Bald - Comb-free


John said...

Here's a couple of real ones that'll blow your mind.

We can no longer us the word gypsies, they're Roma... even though nobody knows that that is.

Oh at refugees don't exist anymore, they're IDPs... internally displaced persons.

Bob Child said...

And ye from the front lines of an international news department! Unlike mine, yours are NOT tongue in cheek - sad statements on how governments and agencies can screw things up to a fault. Ugh.