Thursday, October 08, 2009

Upcoming shows...

I put my eggs into a couple of show baskets this month, so letting the sawdust and chips fly as I finish up some new stock. Thought the natural scree of shavings was rather artistic, myself, from the jointer I set on top of my 13" planer. One day I'll have a bonafide shop and space to not piggyback the this case, the near-100 pound planer is not fun to constantly move around, so it served a dual purpose for some quick jointing...

26th Annual Church Street Fair (LINK)
Waynesville, NC
downtown, Main Street
10a - 5p

High-quality art show that I wish were a 2-day show but instead is a one-day wonder. Ugly Boy Flutes is booth #29 very close to Mast General Store (on a line to the famed Whitman's Bakery), easily identified by the two 6-foot tall turquoise kokopelli figures that guard the entrances. I wish it weren't so, but it looks like showers are likely all day, so bring rain gear. The one day you want dry is the wettest of the week...c'est la guerre!


2nd Annual Arts & Crafts Fall Festival (LINK)
Tryon, NC
373 Harmon Field Rd.
10a - 5p, both days

This is my former stomping grounds and where family lives...QUAINT area to explore, and while it is not a huge show, there are some neat artists in the region. The Tryon Arts & Crafts building has a wonderful museum and shop, as well, at one end of the Harmon Field area. Fall colors should be doing their thing, too!


Insofar as new flutes, I'm stocking up on half-pipes in myriad keys as the economy has created a higher than normal demand for that less-expensive style...uncompromised sound quality, just in a unique design that won't roll off a table! There is one 'bagpipe' drone available, an unusual design...and the Green Heron will have a special display as well (hoping a discriminating collector might want to adopt it!).

Cheers, y'all!

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