Monday, October 12, 2009


(ca. 2004 - Oct. 11, 2009)

I knew this day was coming, but happening now was not a good thing! Guess there never would be a good time, now that I think about it. Above is my now-deceased Delta router-shaper table that I used to hollow out my flute blanks. The built-in motor is underneath the table, which I raise and lowered with knobs.

I did add the Pro-Dog fence on top, which made my work easier...and if you click to enlarge the pic, you will see a box and several wires hanging below the unit at the bottom. That's the whole starter switch of the design flaws was that dust was able to get into the on-off switch and would eventually prevent the unit from turning on...and taking the unit out and apart to fix that was a pain, so much so that I just let it hang...which actually stopped the dust infiltration! Go figure...

Well, I was running the largest bit I use, a 1.5" diameter bulletnose bit, which upon seizing a third time in a piece of figured Oregon Myrtle (I'm guessing what happened) made the bearings seize and the whole motor, coils, etc. start to smoke heavily. No fire, but this unit has been hobbling from pieces taken from an older table and yesterday was the day it went belly up.

Normally, not a big issue except the 'grrrrrr' factor of having to go to a store and get another one and spend money you either didn't anticipate or have, something we can all relate to in one way or another, eh?! Here is the biggest issue of all: it's neither made nor available anymore. Hasn't been for a few years, apparently; so I've since found out, Black & Decker bought out Delta and decided to drop that tool, and there is not one single other item out there like it in the prosumer market.

There are routers and tables that you add a router to to use, but not a unit with a built-in motor. Saw one for sale on eBay but it went for more money than I wanted to spend...I'll snoop Craigslist and see what I can find, but I was unaware the machine was a dead horse heading for extinction. The bottom line is, I'm screwed after I finish up what flutes are already glued and ready to be tuned and sanded.

This a day after the 26th Annual Church Street Festival in Waynesville Saturday...the sporadic showers didn't help, and I'm sure the economy didn't help, and it is a show that I've decided to drop next year unless I do move forward on my creative ideas to get back into watercolors and create wooden sculptures with non-flute pieces of wood. One day shows are hard to set and break down for just 7 hours of customer time, as well.

The same fair last year was a rather poor sales day for me, as well; however, I had the surprise of my special dragonfly drone flute winning 3rd place AND the flute sold 15 minutes later...made the day look good on paper. I was hoping that might happen again, and prepared a nice solo display of the Green Heron, complete with the photos I'd taken that inspired the flute, and some descriptor cards explaining the creation, the Grandfather Rocks on the flute's foot, etc. Vendors were to put the yellow ribbon seen by the work to be judged...

The first two judges that happened by with a clipboard could not have stopped for more than 2 seconds each, a rolling stop at a stop sign most of us make when no one is in sight. They made a check in a box and kept walking...didn't inspect, didn't ask for it to be played, nada, zip, zilch. In fact, only one of the judges that came by truly inspected it and asked for it to be played, so not a good sign in the monetary prize categories. Nary an honorable mention by show's end.

And so it goes...glad, now, that I accepted 4 days of fill-in work at News 14 this week! I do have a two-day show in Tryon, NC next weekend, and given that's one of my former stomping grounds with family there, I'll at least have lots of company and free lodging! :-)

And, gee, wouldja look at that...more rain coming in! Sunshine has been hard to buy in parts of NC the past, well, weeks...and now there is more incoming. Should give me time to stay indoors and research whatthehell I'm going to do about a new routing system for my flutes...


Bill C. said...

Bob, can the motor be replace with a resonable facsimile or be rebuilt? It probably won't be cheap, but perhaps cheaper than a full replacement of the tool. And, considering that an exact replacement may not be possible, rebuilding the motor may work out. Perhaps a place that rebuilds car alternators could do it??? Just an out in left field idea.

Bob Child said...

I've looked into it and there simply aren't parts, per the service center on Wilkinson Blvd....and there's more wrong with it than just the motor, trust me! I'm sure I'll find a solution always, thanks for your input!