Monday, October 05, 2009

Love that oil step!

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Nothing fancy to report this morning, except I took a group of 4 new flutes to the oiling stage, which is my very favorite part. The wood grain comes to life, and as you add finished on top of the oil it only gets better!

FYI, the flute on the left has only pilot holes drilled for the fingers...completing that step can be done later. I used Teak oil on the end flutes, left and right, and Danish wood oil on the middle two. Haven't used Teak oil before, so I'm experimenting with it...supposedly sinks into the grain and hardens, so I'm curious to try it on various woods. These particular flutes were sanded to 400 grit before the oil was applied.

First up....flame Maple with a touch of bark inclusions...over an Ebony base...

Next may well be the wood that instigated my allergic reaction, though not's Cape Beech from Africa. The 'scales' are called rays, and look like a cross section of cells under a microscope. This closely resemble the rays in Lacewood, the Australian silky oak I'm exceedingly allergic to (the dust, that is). I've done nothing more than muse if rays, regardless of species, have similar compounds that create the unique look...might give me a clear hint to stay away from woods with such rays!...

The flute on the far right is one of the Mahogany members, and while it looks like the light area didn't get enough oil, it's actually a very shimmery you tilt it in the light, what looks light will appear dark, and vice versa...just happens to be the way it looked for the picture.

By the way, from last Wednesday's post where I played my "Child's Play" song, the second flute from the left is the one I used...and it is already proving to be one of those flutes I'll have a hard time parting with (A#/Bb). All the blocks are made but in the multi-step drying process, so you only get to see the flutes in their birthday suits!

Always nice to have a little comparison shot, eh? Gearing up for this Saturday's show in Waynesville, the 26th Annual Church Street Fair...and none too pleased to see a 50% chance of rain...hope that changes for the better!

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