Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A first...and a second...

Been meaning to post this pic of my nephew and niece as it represents one of the first pictures we've received with both of 'em smiling! And a cute one it is, at that! Smiles get even bigger when you click on the pic ~

The 'second' is that they turn two this Friday, July 3rd, so we'll be looking forward to seeing their birthday party pictures since it's a little hard to get to Boston at this time (take lots of pics, Mom and Roger!)

Well, I crashed with a rare mid-day nap Monday and can't say I accomplished a whole lot outside of going on some necessary errands first thing in the morning, so today is clean-up and organize from last weekend's show, and make cuts on this week's projects. Short post this AM as I'm hitting the ground running - okay, walking. Mercy is at the door as I made the mistake of jingling her collar a minute ago...

Stay tuned for more pics and cool stuff tomorrow!

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