Friday, June 05, 2009

"Fried Fridays: I'll show YOU!!!..."

I've always held the opinion that when you willingly and willfully break the law, especially hurting or endangering someone else, that you immediately lose a good many of your 'rights'...not all, but enough to crimp your style and bring you to a swift and fair 'consequence' for your actions.

There is the bumper sticker that reads, "Mean people suck."

You could add to that list people that steal, cheat, scam, abuse, mistreat, just to name a few.

Oh, and add to that the expression, "I see you got your hand caught in the cookie jar!"...


Manuel Cooper, 41, definitly got his paw caught in a big ol' cookie jar, the one that is of masonry and steel construction and plenteous vertical iron bars. The Pokey. The Slammer. The Pen.

The Homeplace. That's what his new 'addy' will be as he was handed down a "life without parole" sentence for scamming an 81 year-old woman, taking basically most of her money under false pretenses.

Cooper was convicted as a habitual criminal, as well, someone who could never learn a lesson and figured it was the easier road out to ply criminal trades instead of legitimate, legal ones. While I think I speak for all of us that we detest such people preying on citizens (and animals), this alone is not "fried" enough for today's honor. Oh no. It gets better...

Several days ago was the court appearance and sentencing of Cooper, with the unidentified scam-ee elderly woman testifying against him. And Bessie Lou Phillips, sister to Manuel.

How proud you must be of your brother for all his miscreant ways, and how he came oh-so-close to getting rich quickly and cleanly from a poor, innocent woman. Maybe she was going to share in that wealth, I don't know. Just musing. Worthy of a celebration, in her mind, though. And a dark, twisted place that must be...

After the hearing, Phillips, 42, followed the woman out of the courthouse and to her car. She then proceeded to scurry to her 4-wheel transportation unit and turn it into a battering ram.

Yep, Bessie Lou hunted that old woman down and rammed her car because she was angry that her brother was sentenced so harshly and completely. That got her in jail with an aggravated assault charge, $150,000 bond, and a new wardrobe.

They say apples don't fall too far from the tree. That must go for "fried" apples, as well.

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